Jephian Chin-Hung Lin

This page stops updating. For the most current information, please refer to the new website.

  • Office: Carver 468
  • E-mail: chlin at iastate dot edu
  • Phone: +1 – 5one5 – 2zero2 – 5eightyseven7 (U.S.); +886 – 9one0 – 1one3 – 0zero6 (Taiwan)
  • Website:

I am now a third-year PhD student in Iowa State University, working on spectral graph theory, mainly on the minimum rank problem. Taiwan is my homeland, but one-third of my lineage is from a tribe in Haiti, where I got the name Jephian (J-fyi-N).


Special Experience

Textbook Solution

My Trip to Tortuga(圖吐嘉系列)

Links That I Might Use

Learning Chinese

Me in Judo Dojo.

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